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The death of Acyut 1….birth of Acyut 2 !

You’ve seen acyut 1 , it was a remarkable success, but we felt it could be improved upon . It had certain shortcomings which we believed could and should be removed. The problem was that it had the batteries in front and the microcontroller behind. This particular design made it a bit too bulky and the centre of gravity was not in the right position. Hence it faced a few difficulties walking. Also, it was unable to balance on one hand. These were flexibilities which we wanted our robot to have. Therefore we had no choice but to move on. Acyut 1 was dead. With the fall of Acyut 1 came the rise of Acyut 2. Acyut 2 was able to overcome certain problems as the batteries were shifted to the legs. This lowered the centre of gravity considerably and made the robot much more stable. Therefore by making a few design adjustments and by learning from nature we were able to overcome certain problems.

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