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Starting off : The scene at the Lab

Well …things have justed started falling into place . Its 1:30 am in the night and Prayag is busy designing the humanoid on AUTODESK INVENTOR , Harsh is nearly kissing the computer screen as he learns how to program using the very complex ISOMAX through forth and is also simultaneously defining the  programs for the servos which Arpit is calibrating . Samay is managing all of this and is also talking to people all over the world as he orders more components for the humanoid . Stueti and me ( the less technical beings ) are working on a sponsorship proposal which will hopefully land us some much needed funds . Meanwhile samay has somehow managed to convince a poor chap called Ariz to a solve an equation containing close to fourty variables , the result of which will give us the exact co-ordinates of the links to be placed in the feet of the humanoid .

3 Responses to “Starting off : The scene at the Lab”

  1. Lokesh Jain Says:


    Gr8 work…keep taking BITS to new heights…

  2. Vishnu Says:

    Hi Guys,

    We are a research firm of the development of Humaniods, Are u people intersted . If yes then contact

    Vishnu Pryal

  3. ksamay Says:

    Hi Vishnu,

    We would love to work/collaborate together.

    Ill send you a mail later today.


    ksamay AT gmail DOT com

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