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IDEEN Expo Day 3

7th September, 2009

Today, we have reached the limit. 75 people tried the body suit!

Here are some photographs and videos of this super busy day….



9 Responses to “IDEEN Expo Day 3”

  1. prithu Says:

    i really appreciate the work u ppl have have done. its amazing.
    in which year u ppl were when u first made it (acyut 1).???
    one important thing which i wanted to know is that, from where did u get the motors and processors. ???
    please reply .
    eagerly waiting !!

  2. ksamay Says:

    Hi prithu,
    Thanks, we started the AcYut project when we were in our 2nd year.

    The initial motors for the biped & AcYut 1 were bought from the US. ( Hitech 5990TG motors ) and the motors for AcYut 2 & 3 were bought from South Korea from ROBOTIS ( EX-106 & RX-64 )

    As for the processors, all the processors have always been bought from different vendors in the US. We have went through multiple interations before finallising on Arduino MEGA for AcYut 2 ( easier to learn and only C/C++ knowledge is required ) & Gumstix Overo earth for AcYut 3 ( not recommended for people who are just venturing into humanoid robotics. Extensive knowledge of Linux ( via terminal ) and C/C++ required).

    Hope this info helped, please feel free to ask further questions or doubts.

    Also, We are conducting a humanoid workshop for people like you who want to venture into the world of Humanoid robotics at IIT B during Techfest 2010 ( 21-24th January 2010).
    check out ( )



  3. prithu Says:

    hey thanks a lot for ur great response…
    i was struggling here in bangalore.. to find all those stuff.
    i know c,c++ and learning java. i am in first year BE.

    after struggling a lot to find a acclerotor/motion sensor, i have already created a basic dumb acclerator(which can sense only accleration,and its sensitivity can be varied) , completly devloped by me, it uses a very basic 3d electrical circuit. and nothing to do with programming and processors/Arduinoz ,its based on the principle of inertia/center on gravity… :)

    i am trying to build the rest at a low cost under my budget. (not high as 25 lakhs [:p] ) .
    i am not very much familiar with programmed circuits..
    and i dont know to make a robot, but i know i how to do it. :)

    thanks for the information.


  4. prithu Says:

    can u please tell me any online source where i can know the basics of robotics., may be a video or sumthing lik that ??
    (iit mumbai is too far from bangalore, but i will try my best to attend that).

    from where did u ppl learn all these ???

  5. ksamay Says:

    Hi Prithu,

    Sorry i never got an update email indicating that you had replied, hence the late reply.

    Obviously :) there is no single source for learning the basic of humanoid robotics or robotics. try out , its a nice site to begin learning about basics of any robot building.

    Ya i understand that bangalore is pretty far from IIT mumbai and unfortunately , all the team slots have already been filled up. May be we would hold a workshop at your college if enough people are interested in robotics!

    Also, i can probably give you more specific reference website once you have understood the basics and have more specific doubts relating to some sensors,motors etc.

    “Where did we learn all this from? ” Tough one :) . In one word : Internet. We actually wasted a lot of time in understanding the basics and that is the very reason we have started holding workshops. So that we can provide to students what we did not get :).



  6. prithu Says:

    thanks a lot.. :)

  7. prithu Says:

    thanks a lot !!!

  8. vikas dev Says:

    realy u have done a great job.and feels us proud in robogames .
    i am also instrested in making a biped . i need ur help. tell me about the controllers of ur servo motors .

  9. ksamay Says:

    thanks vikas,

    AcYut runs on an embedded system ( micro processor ) called Gumstix Overo earth ( ) running a Linux 2.6 kernel at 600Mhz . But this controller is quite complicated and has taken us over a year to shift to , even after all the work we had done on AcYut 1 & 2 :) .

    If you are planning to build a biped , i would suggest you to initially use a Lynxmotion SSC-32 or attend one of our workshops to get started.

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