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IDEEN Expo Day 1

5th September, 2009

As expected, AcYut has been a big hit at the Expo on the first day! :) Over 30 odd people tried out the body suit!

This is the overview of the Expo…this is not even 20% of it!!

This is not even 20% of the Expo!!!

A German kid trying out the Body Suit A German kid trying out the Body Suit

Also, check out the following video we uploaded on youtube  where the visitors were trying to control AcYut wearing the body suit.

And amongst many other interesting things, AcYut met the chief minster of the state of Niedersachsen in Germany too! More about that in the next post….



13 Responses to “IDEEN Expo Day 1”

  1. Atin Angrish Says:

    excellent work done guys…..just wondering if sushma would upload some more of the pics she told me about featuring akash and the people trying out the body suit :P

  2. Rehaan Says:

    i’ve never seen AcYut while walking……..can you guys plz upload a video of that……???

  3. sushma Says:

    Hi Rehaan,

    We are very busy at the Expo right now…so we don’t have time to take a proper video of AcYut walking and upload it right now.

    We would definitely upload the video of AcYut walking after we come back to India.



  4. sushma Says:

    Hey Atin,

    I would definitely upload more pics and videos of AcYut at the IDEEN Expo. Keep watching this space for more updates and interesting news.



  5. Rehaan Says:

    Hi guys….looks like you all are having a great time in Germany…..but i wanna say something about ‘AcYut 3′!! see…..i have no idea about your aim on which you are designing ur robot but in my point of view…..apka robot aur acha ban sakta tha…..and there are still some drawbacks in your design….like….lacking stability and rapidness….!!
    you are having two servos in a single Knee joint…..maybe it generates a high torque or something else….but i am not agree with this….you could have used only one servo(or an actuator) having high torques(!!

  6. Rehaan Says:

    and those hands…..dont you think that they are too long……i mean….not in a good proportion……!!! see…..i have no idea about your design……reason shayad kuch bhi nahi ho sakta…..maybe they are bcoz of center of gravity!! i’ve studied about so many designs of humanoid robot and on the basis of this…..i can say that those hands are too long and your design needs a lot of improvement…!!

  7. Rehaan Says:

    i am sorry if i over said something…..!! plz dont mind……just trying to give my views!!

  8. Atin Angrish Says:


    The reason for those long hands probably might be that Acyut-3 was designed specially for Kung-Fu matches wherein you are supposed to throw/force your opponent out of a ring of certain radius. Since longer hands cover a longer range for attack, they give u an obvious advantage in such situations.

  9. sushma Says:

    Hi Rehaan,

    We are always open for suggestions and improvements. So you are most welcome to give your views. :)

    If we consider the stability and rapidness of AcYut3, I think your opinion is based on the Germany videos. But new build of AcYut3 which was completed in April, 2009 is stable while being controlled by a hand-held remote. It is true that AcYut becomes unstable when a rookie controls it with the Body Suit. This is because they do not understand how to control it properly and move the hands very fast.The tilt sensor in AcYut can’t counter the reaction force of such swift movements. So we are planning to incorporate a 5 DOF IMU to deal with this problem.

    As far as the torque of the motors is concerned, firstly I would like to tell you that the motors in the knee are 106 kg-cm each! AcYut’s upper body weight is 5kg. So when AcYut stands at a mid height with hands close to the body, which is a stable position , then torque on the knee joint will be 5kg x 20 cm = 100 kg-cm… a single motor of 7-9 kg-cm can in no way take that weight.

    Now as far as the double knee joint is concerned, the idea behind it is more dynamic stability besides higher torque.

    We actually tried out the single knee in the first build of AcYut 2 and realised that a single knee joint would neither be able to take the weight of the upper body nor would it be able to give stability like a double knee joint.

    Although the design of AcYut 3 is not disproportional, but I agree that the hands are slightly longer compared to the design of AcYut1. The reason has already been given by atin.

    And Rehaan, I see that you have been researching on humanoids a lot and we are really impressed to see your interest. Are you building a Humanoid yourself?

    Please feel free to ask us if you have any more queries or if you feel my answers above are not clear.

    Thanks a lot for all your suggestions


  10. Rehaan Says:

    thanks….i got my answer…!!! there is a mistake in the torque notation of mine………and yes, i am planning to build my own humanoid robot… soon as i get in to a good college, i’ll start building it…!!! but i am worried about the cost…..from where do i get the money to buy those really very costly parts….!!?? mera dream to lagta hai dream hi ban ke reh jayega….!!

  11. Rehaan Says:

    by the way…..i m goin to design a small(60-80cm) and a very light robot(as much as possible bcoz wieght to baad me bhi increase kar sakte hai), light weight will also make work easier for the sensors and servos!! I will concentrate on its stability to prevent it from falling while in a kung fu match!!

    I’ve noticed one thing that if you change your COG in a way like an athlete’s figure at the start of the race, then there will be a less probability of falling and along with that, you can have a greater mobility!!

  12. Vishnu Pryal Says:

    Dear Team AcYut,

    HI guys, Great & Superb Job for the development of HUmaniod & making India shine in Global world wide.

    Actually, people wanted to meet u all/chat with all since i have tons of queries in my mind for AcYut. PLEASE tell me as soon as u people reach India back.

    Since we are the upcoming research firm in the field of Humaniod in India looking for enthusiastic people.

    Vishnu Pryal.

  13. Vishnu Pryal Says:

    Hi Rehaan,

    Vishnu Here.Read ur comments & Suggestion both along with the limitation & Restrictions in terms of development.

    I think i can help you in this requirement.SO do provide me with ur project details. & no need to wait till u get into the college.

    Vishnu Pryal

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