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AcYut is all set to steal the show in IDEEN Expo, Germany!!!

Hi All,
AcYut is now ready to rock the stage in Germany as well. We are going to participate in IDEEN Expo in Hannover, Germany which will be held from 5th-13th September, 2009. Check out for more details.

In the IDEEN Expo, AcYut is not just going to show off its Kung-Fu moves or its dancing skills. We have a made a tele operated remote for AcYut which means any person can wear a body suit specially designed by us and AcYut will mimic the person’s actions exactly. Something akin to a “Waldo“  :) This Body Suit is actually useful in hazardous situations where in we can send a robot to do any dangerous task and we monitor its actions from a safe distance.

The visitors of IDEEN Expo will get to wear this suit and control AcYut’s actions themselves! We’ll keep posting videos of the same regularly throughout the Expo.

Keep watching this space for more updates and cool videos.



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