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AcYut 2 listed as one of the 8 most endearing robots!

Ac-Yut II: the Kung-Fu dancing robot

AcYut is India’s first indigenously developed Humanoid and was developed at the Centre for Robotics & Intelligent Systems, BITS Pilani, India. AcYut means the “the imperishable ” or “the one that does not fall down” in Sanskrit. It won the Bronze medal in the middleweight Humanoid category at the 2009 RoboGames that took place in San Francisco.

This cute robot has excellent balance and loves Kung-Fu.
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2 Responses to “AcYut 2 listed as one of the 8 most endearing robots!”

  1. Madhukar M P Says:

    Nice guys… you worn a shirt with Tri-color!! Thats the spirit…
    Keep it up guys!! Congratulation once again ;)

  2. Luis Beck Says:

    Hi, guys congratulations for your new robot and improvements, specially for that mechanism which allows the robot make those turns with the arms. I would like to give you a tip. Watch on my new website, the photo of robot Champion on the main page (its a link to the video) because it is important to consider speed on the legs instead of the strategy of just sitting by folding the legs, and the robot Melissa with its new hands. That way you will be able to run and take with the hands the opponents. But also it will be useful to add hands to make your robot more intelligent (I mean to be able to program it for different tasks).

    Have fun…

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