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AcYut’s globetrot (Iran-Dubai-USA)

November 19th, 2011

This trip was something we were looking forward to and why not? Three back to back competitions and demos in 3 countries. Here it is:

Robocup Iran Open 2011

Our first stop was the historical city of Tehran in Iran. Robocup Iran Open is a regional event of Robocup, one of the most prestigious competitions in robotics.

As a pleasant surprise to us, Iran turned out to be one of the most advanced countries in robotics in the world.

AcYut recieving special award

AcYut recieving special award

Moving on to the events now. Among a plethora of events like robo soccer, search and rescue, AcYut participated in events under the teen size category.

In the walking technical challenge, a bot has to walk a certain distance and has to autonomously turn around by detecting a marked line. AcYut excelled and won a special award for the best performance in the teen size humanoid league.

Enginuity(BITS Dubai techfest) demo

Our next stop was Dubai. We were here for the BITS Dubai techfest & Samay also joined us and this time we got to see a lot of Dubai in our van, thanks to BITS Dubai.

We presented AcYut at the fest and also showed live image processing in which AcYut followed a moving ball with its head.

AcYut then performed some jigs entertaining the audiences with a final dance performance, which drew a lot of cheering! :) Then we were off to the Bay Area.

We also met our founding team mentor Prof R.K. Mittal, who is currently Director of BITS Dubai campus.

Prof R.K.Mittal (Director, BITS-Dubai), Dennis Hong (RoMeLa, Virginia Tech. Univ.) and Samay Kohli (Team Founder) with the present Team AcYut

Robogames 2011, SFO, USA

As they say, the journey is more important than the destination. And we cant agree more. This time our destination was the lovely San Francisco for Robogames.

Starting with the free style category competition, AcYut amazed the audience by a spectacular show of robotic dance and showed its masculine power with several push-ups. With appreciation from the judges and the crowd, AcYut was presented the silver medal for the event.

The very next day, in the autonomous weight-lifting event, AcYut lifted as much as 20 CDs and ended the show by grabbing another silver medal followed by loads of hooting!!

AcYut with medals

AcYut with medals

One more thing, if you visit US don’t forget to visit this city.

SFO with its steep rolling hills, eclectic architectural mix and the Golden Gate bridge was really a treat to our eyes.

Cheers to AcYut !

International Robot Contest, Korea - 2010

November 19th, 2011

After an amazing FIRA, it was time for the IRC, Seoul. It was a happening place teeming with robots as IRC was also attached to RobotWorld 2010, a robotics convention with hundreds of booths featuring a plethora of robots.

What more,  even 10-12 year old kids could be seen competing with their bots, even humanoids :)

We had participants from USA, Japan, Korea and Spain competing with us.

Kung-Fu match: start!

Kung-Fu match: start!

There were a variety of events, with Remote Controlled soccer and robotic combat being the main attractions. And AcYut-4 participated in the heavy weight category.

Fully armed with a variety of new moves, including a new sideways punch ;) it took the opponents by a surprise in the kung-fu match, much applauded by the audience.

International Participants: Spain, USA, India (AcYut) and Japan

And pleasantly we have a permanent invitation to the event. Hurray!!!

AcYut shows off its muscles at FIRA 2010, Bangalore

October 14th, 2011

After packing off our bags, we headed straight to Amritha Vishwa Vidyapetham in Bangalore for FIRA  2010.  It  was particularly special for us as it was the first international humanoid robotics competition to be held in our home country.

Also, AcYut was testing its brand new camera system.

Among a plethora of challenges like soccer, foot race, wall climbing, basketball, marathon and many more, AcYut made India proud by claiming a special award in weight lifting!!

Fully autonomous, AcYut-4 created a new world record by lifting 40 CDs in its very first attempt, yes,the robots have CD’s for weight lifting!
In autonomous weight lifting, AcYut moved 30 cm, detected the line, lifted the weight and finished the task victoriously reaching the next 30 cm mark. Whoa!
Results can be seen here.

AcYut receiving the Special Award

AcYut receiving the Special Award

Our Special Award

Our Special Award

We are back !!

September 17th, 2011

Finally, after a long pause we are back and with a new spirit and energy….

this time with lots of updates and insights and offcourse…….more interesting

we encourage valuable comments and criticism from our readers
and try to be more zealous on open discussions….
packing you with latest news on projects,team members,tours and inside fun videos and pics……

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
-Albert Einstein

We saw dreams , lived them and conquered them…. Won India’s First ever Gold Medal in ROBOGAMES 2010…with 2 silver and 1 bronze medals :)

June 7th, 2010

Acyut 2 and 3 receiving India's First ever Gold medal at RoboGames and a silver

Acyut 2 and 3 receiving Indias First ever Gold and Silver medals in RoboGames 2010

Being the only Humanoid from India in RoboGames for the third year in a row … Acyut won 4 medals at RoboGames 2010  taking India to 5th position amongst 18 countries (, with 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medal…

After another year of dedicated work… We have got AcYut to a new level…

Acyut now runs on a 600 Mhz on-board llinux-based microprocessor called gumstix using the latest omap 3503 processor (also used in the Apple iPhone 3GS), with a custom built image (a kind of an OS) running on it. It does bluetooth communicaton with the PlayStation 3 controller. Programming is done using a fully custom built multi-platform Graphical User Interface(GUI), which runs a full inverse kinematics engine together with realtime load calculations.

AcYut now uses motors with 106 Kg-cm torque (up by 80% from the previous motors) and moves using spline-based trajectory generation.

The first day of RoboGames 2010, the 3-day competetion, saw us testing out AcYut at the arena and passing the qualification crieterion. AcYut was ready and raring to go. The next day, AcYut’s dance demonstration in the custom-built humanoid category dazzled the judges. AcYut 3 was awarded the silver medal for it. AcYut 2 and 3 took part in the android sumo competetion, where they bagged the perfect finish, the gold and the silver medals. Acyut 3 also won a bronze medal in the middle-weight humanoid Kung-fu category. In all, AcYut won 4 medals for India, which got India the 5th place amongst 18 countries.

Our team consisting of Samay Kohli, Sushma Vallabhaneni, Akash Gupta, Ankit Kulshrestha, Rohan Maheshwari, Tushar Agrawal, and Vivek Notani, have worked very hard throughout the year for this competetion and are extremely happy with AcYut’s success.

More competetions and more posts coming soon….

Cheers to AcYut….

AcYut Demo @ IIT Bombay

January 13th, 2010

Well it’s been a long time since we last updated the blog. And a lot has been going on for the past few months!! AcYut has been learning how to perfect its walk and we have been having our joy moments quite often :)

Now getting along quickly with the updates : If you happen to be in Mumbai during 22nd to 24th Jan, land up at IIT Bombay for another amazing demo of AcYut 2 and watch it perform some really cool stuff. AcYut will be showing off its newly attained athletic skills along with humanoid robots manufactured by Robotis ( from South Korea ). And we are sure AcYut’s gonna kick butt ;-)

Also, Team AcYut, in association with Grey Orange Robotics and Robotis Inc., Korea is conducting a workshop on the basics of building a humanoid hand in IIT Bombay Techfest. (For the non techies only: Techfest is IITB’s technical festival and Asia’s largest technology extravaganza.) To find out more about the workshop, click here

Keep checking the blog for more updates. :)


Team AcYut.


Catching along with the latest trends, AcYut now has a page dedicated to itself on Facebook!! Do check out this link and obviously become a fan!! :)


And finally, AcYut’s websites is up ( BETA version of course ) . Do have a look @ to have a closer look at India’s first indigenously developed humanoid, how it works, what all it has achieved and of course, the teams which have been working on the project and making India proud. ( do report bugs )

IDEEN Expo Day 3

September 11th, 2009

7th September, 2009

Today, we have reached the limit. 75 people tried the body suit!

Here are some photographs and videos of this super busy day….



IDEEN Expo Day 2

September 11th, 2009

6th September, 2009

AcYut became even more popular at the Expo. Today over 55 people tried the body suit!

A 6 year old kid was very interested in controlling AcYut with the body suit. We tried to explain him that he was too small for the suit. But he wouldn’t listen :) So finally we had to make him try….

And following is a video where Akash is helping a visitor use the body suit.



AcYut Goes Live! on National Television in Germany.

September 10th, 2009

AcYut meets the Chief Minister of Niedersachsen, Germany

September 9th, 2009

5th September, 2009

Today, AcYut met Mr. Christian Wulff, the Chief Minister of the State of Niedersachsen, Germany. Along with him, the Indian Ambassador in Germany and a Central Minster of Germany came to see AcYut. They were very impressed with AcYut and the whole “Waldo” thing. :)

The following are the photographs taken during their visit.

AcYut with Mr. Christian Wulff

AcYut with Mr. Christian Wulff

The Indian Ambassador in Germany discussing about AcYut

The Indian Ambassador in Germany discussing about AcYut with the team



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